Jeremy Goldstein and the Best Way to Find Lawyers Online

Probably you are looking for a lawyer to handle your child custody issue, criminal matter, assist with a landlord-tenant issue, write your will or aid you in other legal issues. Now New Yorkers have got a new and convenient way of getting a suitable lawyer who is skilled and experience for their community and Jeremy Goldstein is one of them. LRIS – Lawyer Referral and Information Service commenced a new online portal that people within New York can use when seeking for legal help. The confidential service is giving help to people 24/7 and the residents can get it at If they find it good, they can proceed utilizing the LRIS telephone administration services.

“People regularly require legal advisors during stress. Our Lawyer Referral & Information Service is a lower weight approach to get legal assistance. People can have the certainty they will be coordinated with lawyers in great lawful standing whose accreditations have been explored by the New York State Bar Association,” emphased State Bar President Claire P. Gutekunst. Also, the New York State Bar Association built up the new online innovation in organization with, a national supplier of commercial center and referral administration innovation for the legitimate business.

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplice at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC, a boutique law office devoted to exhorting remuneration boards, CEOs, administration groups and companies in official compensation and corporate administration matters, especially when issues emerge with regards to transformative corporate occurrences and touchy circumstances. Before establishing his own particular firm, Mr. Goldstein was an accomplice at the law office Wachtell, Katz, Lipton, and Rosen.

Jeremy Goldstein has been included in a significant number of the biggest corporate exchanges of the previous decade, including the procurement of Goodrich by United Technologies in addition to others. Jeremy Goldstein is also the chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee (Owned by Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section). Jeremy speaks and writes frequently on issues touching on corporate governance and executive compensation and is part of the spearheading executive compensation lawyer within Chambers USA Guide.

Following is how the online platform for seeking legal help in New York operates:

  • An individual looking for a legal advisor goes to the site ( and fills the confidential form portraying their legitimate issue and area.
  • The State Bar staff will audit the applicant questionnaire and match the person with a lawyer whose office is in the same or close-by community.
  • If the person dwells in one of 17 regions with a privately run legal advisor referral administration, the State Bar forwards the request to the suitable county bar affiliation.


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Ricardo Tosto Is An Experienced Business Attorney

If you want to run a successful business and avoid problems, it is advisable to consult a knowledgeable lawyer. An experienced business lawyer can advise you and provide proper guidance as you start, or operate, your business.

Breach of Contract is a common matter that business organizations have to deal with. Business enterprise and organizations are able to get the essential protection in case a party does not abide by the conditions detailed in their contract.

Avoiding a contract dispute will not only save you money and time but it will save you the headache of having to go to court. For this reason, retaining the services of a lawyer to create a contract will simplify the process for both parties. A legal representative can create a basic outline that is worded correctly, easy to understand, and clearly clarifies contract details.

A lawyer or attorney that is experienced in contract litigation can help you take care of problems such as breach of contract, understanding and interpreting a contract, agreements that are non-compete or even help and support in enforcing contract terms.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho practices in the area of business law and corporate law, and has great expertise in litigation. With his office based in Brazil, Mr Ricardo Tosto is well known for providing outstanding legal solutions to businesses as well as individual clients.

When it comes to his business and corporate litigation practice, he has vast experience representing companies and business professionals and navigating dispute cases, including breach of contract. No matter what the issues or circumstances may be, Ricardo Tosto remains client-focused and results-oriented.

Ricardo Tosto has authored numerous publications and presentations pertaining to business litigation. He also handles contract drafting and agreements, dispute resolution and other legal issues that affect businesses and organizations.