Why You Should Depend On UK PLC If You Are Searching For Fine Wine

UKv PLC is a renowned company based in the United Kingdom that deals with the brokerage of fine wine. It employs highly knowledgeable experts to manage the process of buying and selling of fine wine for both consumption and investment.

The firm only deals with investment-grade wines sourced from vineyards in select locations such as Italy, Spain and France. Apart from fine red wine, the organization is also engaged in the buying and selling of investment grade champagne.

A lot of investors are putting their money on fine wine, and are reaping the benefits for taking the risks. Fine wine has continued to perform well in the markets as an investment, even edging gold in terms of returns. If you are planning to invest in fine red wine, then UKV PLC is the right organization to get in touch with. This is because the firm employs many consultants who can advise you on various issues regarding wine as an investment. Their consultants are highly flexible, and can either meet you at the office or at the comfort of your home. Once you sign up as customer, UKV PLC consultants will make sure that you are regularly briefed on market movements, and trends so that you can benefit from your investment.

UK PLC also deals with wine for consumption at events. There are plenty of people looking to consumer fine and mature wine at premium prices. UK PLC can provide a range of premium labels from different suppliers around the world. The company has solid relationships with key suppliers, merchants and brokers of fine wine, meaning they can be relied upon to supply rare wine or champagne. Whether you are an experienced wine collector or just starting out, you can depend on UK PLC to find you rare wine for purposes of investment or consumption.

Troy McQuagge’s Contribution to the Success of USHEALTH Group Earns Him Gold in the One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge is officially the CEO of the year 2016. The USHEALTH Group, Inc. boss walked away with the gold award during the One Planet Awards that were issued in January this year. The One Planet Awards are among the most coveted and far-reaching awards in the world, bearing in mind that it awards performers in all industries across the board. The awards are held annually and honor professionals from start-ups & large enterprises, regardless of whether they are profit-making or not, or whether they are privately-owned or publicly-owned and more information click here.

In recognizing exemplary performance, One Planet Awards categorizes professionals into two- the team’s category and the executive’s category. Other two classes honor products and services. Under services, the awards recognize marketing, PR, Communication, among others and what Troy knows.

A Deserved Award

Mr. Troy McQuagge deservedly won the award bearing in mind that he has contributed significantly to the growth of USHEALTH Group over the recent past. Before taking up his current role, he had transformed the organization’s subsidiary company, USHEALTH Advisors into a leader in the healthcare industry. It was due to this role that he got the promotion to the CEO post in 2014. Two years at the helm, Troy has again demonstrated his leadership and managerial prowess by leading the company’s resurgence. Thanks to him, USHEALTH Group currently competes at the highest levels in healthcare-related insurance provision. Consequently, he has overseen the increase in profit margins.

Sharing the Honor

Mr. Troy McQuagge demonstrated his team leadership skills when receiving the award. He thanked the awards organizers for honoring him with the award and recognizing the contribution USHEALTH makes in the industry. He, however, was wise not to bask in the glory and forget his colleagues. He shared the honor with everyone at USHEALTH Group saying that they share the same commitment to making healthcare affordable to all.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is an experienced sales professional with over three decades of service as a sales executive. A native of Panama City in Florida, he pursued his university education at the University of Central Florida and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

Troy has spent most of his professional life working in Texas. He worked for Allstate Insurance for 12 years and UICI/Health Market for 15 years before joining USHEALTH Advisors in 2010.