Kate Hudson: Promoting Fabletics and the Athleisure Brand

Fabletics is a retail company that provides sportswear and accessories mostly for women. It operates online through customer subscriptions. Fabletics is mostly referred to as athleisure. It is a private company mostly known for its e-commerce business approach. Fabletics offers its customers personalized outfits specially made for them. The founders were Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. They started up the company in July 2013. Fabletics is a subsidiary of TechStyle fashion Group.


According to an article Posted in Forbes, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is taking on Amazon boldly. According to the article, Fabletics has grown $250 million in three years. Through online subscription mechanism, the company can sell its clothes to its customers. Customers like brands that are inspirational to them and order from the firm which is very convenient, as long as they have a member’s subscription. Fabletics has a steady growth curve since it begun.


Fabletics works on re-imaging high valued brands. The company can offer personalized services through its membership model. Fabletics stands out from other companies in several ways. It encourages reverse show-rooming whereby people browse offline and buy the good elsewhere at a lower price. This creates positive and good relations with its customers. Fabletics does not fully depend on the online date. The company has various stores where it also presents its material. The company acknowledges people’s accessibility and also their culture in growing their brand.


In another article also published in Forbes, it talks about how Kate took on the growing athleisure brand. There was a Hollywood event to celebrate the launch of Fabletics, in collaboration with pop star Demi Lovato. According to Demi, the brand was all about inspiring women, and she loves it. Since its founding, the company has been a fashion-forward Athleisure Brand.


Kate Hudson has been a hands on, dedicated founder of the Athleisure Brand ever since its beginning. She had been approached by TechStyle Fashion Group with the idea. This was due to her active lifestyle, and she seemed to represent all that the brand was about! Kate was actively involved in reviewing budgets and picking a good social media strategy. Kate had faced negative press from a couple of celebrities due to the membership model. However, Hudson was not shaken, and she prioritizes efforts to make communication a priority.


Due to Kate’s commitment to the provision of quality customer service, Fabletics shot up in the fashion industry. People should take up the lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear best suits them.

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