YouTuber Kim Dao Visits Chaboya

YouTuber Kim Dao recently released a video showing her adventures for a day around Chaboya which is a neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan. She explained that she is a native of Australia who is currently living in Tokyo and likes to film videos different places and activities in Japan as well as beauty and fashion tips. She started her day in front of the EF School which is an organization that teaches foreign language.Learn more :

Kim Dao first visits the subway station in the Chaboya district which is popular with both residents of Japan and tourists. The crosswalk just outside of the station is internationally known and Kim Dao also says that people need to see the famous dog statue while they are there.Learn more :

After roaming the busy streets, Kim Dao shows us some of her favorite retails stores in the area including It’s Demo, Forever 21, and a shoe store. She also says that the best place to eat sushi in Chaboya is hands down Genki Sushi which is fantastic tasting as well as very cheap.Learn more :

Other things to do in Chaboya is karaoke which Kim Dao loves to do with her group of friends. She also loves the Game Center which is a huge arcade with video games that are unique to Japan. Another favorite of hers is Daiso which is a dollar store that is great for buying regular items as well as souvenirs for those visiting Tokyo. Another great place to go is convenience stores which are a huge upgrade over those in other countries.

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