Norman Pattiz Announces Results of Brand Lift Studies

Norman Pattiz, Chairman of Podcast One, conducted important studies regarding brands and how they have been recently impacted by podcasts. Research has shown that podcasts have caused consumers to take more notice than they did previously of five major national brands, but there was also a stronger propensity to buy as well.

This study, a first-of-its-kind, with five different national brands, in five different categories and product lines. This study was conducted to prove that participating in podcasts can have a dramatic impact on how consumers view a brand.

The study was focused on specific key findings, including various statistics including how consumers reacted to these brands prior to a podcast and after a podcast.

One of the most dramatic increases recorded, was the mention of a specific grocery brand after listening to a podcast, whereas prior to the podcast only 7% of consumers would mention a specific brand. The main takeaway for Pattiz is that podcasts can have a more impact than even a television commercial.

The results in various markets were astounding, including consumers asking for financial services after listening to podcast. Those who sought out financial services was up by 47% in the financial markets, and additionally 37% the interest was up for aftermarket parts in the automotive industry, and nearly 25% for lawn care services. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The second point of interest for the study was the increase in interest that consumers showed after listening to a podcast. Edison Research, the company chosen by Podcast One to conduct the study, continued to carry out further studies regarding the impact these podcasts would have in 2016.

The study covered five national brands in an attempt to not only prove just how effective they are but that the product lineup isn’t significant. Each brand was given an opportunity to run their podcasts from 4-6 weeks to keep the time-frame the same, as well as to measure the outcome in terms of percentages.

The outcome continued to remain the same; each audience was in fact receptive to the branding message, with an increase in percentages across the board. According to Biz Journals, the ability to integrate advertising and measurement tools is vital to the success of any brand according to Norman Pattiz.

Podcast One is the leading podcast network in the country, and was founded by Norman Pattiz after he led Westwood One, the radio station to massive success.

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