Billionaire Dick DeVos Comes Clean about Why They’ve Given Out $139M to Charity

Recently the DeVoses got voted in as one of the top 30 most charitable families in the U.S.A by Forbes Magazine. Over the years the media has both supported and vilified Betsy and the husband, Dick DeVos in near-equal measure. The criticism arose from the fact that these people have spent a massive fortune supporting Republican officials and charity work for the past thirty years. That amount sums up to $139M from Dick and Betsy alone, according to reliable sources at The larger family has given away a jaw-dropping, 1.33 billion dollars.


Amounts Donated in 2015


Richard DeVos is the heir to the billion-dollar tech empire built by his late father while the missus is the daughter to billionaire industrialists from the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. Dick and the wife have two passions and these are helping out poor kids in private schools and supporting their political party, the Republican Party. Education ranks higher on their agenda and no wonder the powerful Washington couple coughed up a massive $3M to sponsoring private school causes like advocating for more tax breaks for the children and sponsoring needy but bright students to get higher and quality schooling.


Sorry State of the American Education System


If there’s one thing that the DeVoses have gotten disenfranchised with is the state of the American Education System. It pained the couple to see how their children could afford to get to attend the best private schools in the world and later go on to become successful business people and other leaders in the society while the children of poor families got robbed of that chance and opportunity to live to realize their full potential. And, that’s where their campaign started and they haven’t looked back ever since.


Tax Breaks and Lunch Vouchers


Reviving the American dream won’t be akin to a pleasant walk in the park for the current Secretary of Education and her husband. As is to be expected, Betsy’s stance, especially on lunch voucher programs for students from poor backgrounds in private schools, hasn’t augured well her rivals in the Democratic Party. The latter are up in arms vehemently protesting her decisions to funnel more funds and government support for charter schools. The Dems are referring to her strategy as a ploy to funnel vital public resource funds to inconsequential endeavors. But that isn’t the case, the democrats are mostly being arm-twisted by their powerful donors and supporters to do all that is possible to detract progresses Mrs. Betsy and the Trump have lined up.


About Dick DeVos


Dick got born as Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. on October 21st, 1955. His father was a prominent American business person who built the Amway Corporation. In 2006, Dick lost the gubernatorial seat in Michigan to a Democrat. Dick married Betsy and together they went ahead to bear four kids. Today, Dick has six grandchildren. He’s previously been in charge of running successful companies like the NBA Franchise, Orlando Magic, Alticor or Amway and finally their energy solutions firm, Windquest Inc. He is one of the biggest donors to schools and other causes like medical research in the nation.


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