Arizona Investor, Jason Hope Describes Trends In Technology

Jason Hope contributes to as a writer in the opinion and analysis section. Mr. Hope closely follows technology trends and invests in new technology.

He is a business consultant and investor who works out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Below is a summary of a contributing article Jason Hope has written for

One of Jason Hope’s prediction for the internet of things is that it will experience more changes in its growth than in years past. Hope also predicts that most of these changes to the IoT will occur in the business sector and not the government or public sector. While the internet of things is still not a mainstream or household term, Jason Hope believes that 2016 could see it gaining increasing popularity and knowledge throughout the general population. Perhaps another term that will refer to the IoT will become a household name. Jason says that maybe words such as connectivity or connected technology could begin to surface as a new reference to the internet of things in the mainstream.

A trend that Jason Hope believes could take off in the future is something called printed electronics. No, these are not electronic devices that are printed on a special printer. Printed electronics refer to electronic sensors that are paper thin. They include things such as labels on beverage and food products. Such printed electronics can revolutionize the way the food, beverage and gadget industry does business. Companies can use them to track their inventory or interact with their consumers.

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