Mike Baur Providing Opportunities for the Digital Entrepreneurs

Launching a successful business in these challenging times can be a daunting task especially if it is a startup. To be able to break even, you need all the help you can get, and that is where Mike Baur comes in. He supports the startups and provides all the information that you need via his Swiss Start-Up Factory.


He has a team of professionals who will coach and mentor you on how to launch your startup successful. Different programs are offered by the Company to provide you with all the information that you need.


Mike Baur Career


Mike Baur has developed an outstanding financial experience in the banking industry. His career started back in 1991 when he joined the UBS Wealth Management. In 2000, Mike was in charge of the Wealth Management Department of UBS. Soon after, he became the KeyClient Group Manager of the Bank. After 17 years of service for UBS, he resigned to pursue other interests.


He joined the Clariden Leu as the business area Head of Private Banking. Two years later, Mike was in charge of the entire Private Banking section of the Bank. He served in this position for one year before leaving. Mike has also served as the Head of Private Banking for the Sallfort Private Banking.


Mike has founded various companies, and the first one was Baur IS. He operated as the Chief Executive Officer for three years. During the same period, he became the owner of the Think Reloaded AG.


His greatest achievement, however, is the Swiss Start-Up Factory that he co-founded in 2015. He has operated as the Executive Chairman since then. September of that year, he was appointed as the Vice President of the Innovation Lab Fribourg. ILF empowers students who are pursuing business in the business, engineering, and natural sciences.


The Swiss Startup Association launched in October 2015. Mike has been operating as the Director since then. The primary goal of the Association is to fight for better regulations for the startups. Mike is also the Deputy Managing Director of the Swiss Startup Invest, founded in January 2016.


Mike holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance from the University of Applied Sciences Bern. He has earned his Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester and also Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Bern.


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